The VeriSM™ Courseware and Diagrams-for-Trainers are available and can be ordered:

The Courseware package consist out of two publications, VeriSM™ – Foundation Courseware (ISBN: 978 94 0180 262 8) and VeriSM™ – A service management approach (ISBN: 978 94 018 263 5). This training material covers the syllabus for the VeriSM™ Foundation qualification. The training can be delivered over two days. This courseware is designed to prepare candidates for the VeriSM™ Foundation exam.

VeriSM™ Foundation consists of two parts: VeriSM™ Essentials and VeriSM™ Plus, each covering one day of training.

VeriSM™ Plus is designed for professionals who already have a certification in (IT) Service Management. You will be awarded a Verism™ Foundation certificate after you succesfully complete the Verism™ Plus exam.

Training Providers who want to offer a one day training on service management principles can decide to offer the VeriSM™ Essentials training only. Students who pass the VeriSM™ Essentials exam, receive the VeriSM™ Essentials certificate. If they pass the VeriSM™ Plus exam later, they will automatically receive the VeriSM™ Foundation certificate.

The courseware covers the following topics:
• The Service Organization (Essentials)
• Service culture (Essentials)
• People and organizational structure (Essentials)
• The VeriSM™ model (both)
• Progressive practices (Plus)
• Innovative technologies (Plus)

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